Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh My!

On the way home today I saw a bumper sticker which made me laugh out loud, marveling at the brashness and openness of the owner of the bumper sticker. It said, "I'd rather be FISTING".

A lot of thoughts in a very short time whipped through my mind. First was, "Wow, should we really be saying that out loud like that?" I mean, generally, we keep lifestyle activities a little more quiet.

Next was, "Well, good for them that they are comfortable being that open with their lifestyle choices." Some people are completely open with the world about their BDSM identity. I admire that choice, even as my professional life would not allow that for myself, nor would my family and vanilla friends appreciate having to know private details like that. I doubt any of them would actually object to the lifestyle choice, just the decision to discuss those private details with them. They would also really think it distasteful to have a bumper sticker calling attention to it.

Around the same time was memories of Fisting demonstrations I've attended. Which brought to mind the people involved in teaching the class. :)

And the last thing that entered my mind was the realization that the bumper sticker really said, "I'd rather be FISHING".

Oh boy.

I need my eyes checked!