Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well, things are getting closer, the wedding is almost upon U/us, and final arrangements are in need of taking care of. I remain surprised at how many details there are to sort out considering the small, relaxed, casual, intimate event W/we have planned. But no worries, it will all work out.

The most difficult thing to accept has been the decision by one of Master's brothers to skip the wedding. He, his wife, and their children will be leaving that morning for a week-long sporting event in another state. W/we had given everyone the date far in advance just to avoid such situations, but alas, no luck.

As Master has only his two brothers (both parents are deceased) this is quite a blow. W/we are by turns hurt, angry, and sad. Probably some other emotions too, which W/we certainly need to accept and feel and process, but which are ultimately best let go of since there is nothing we can do to change it. Hopefully time will heal the wound.

In the meantime, I'm working, trying to take care of the details of getting my son ready for university in August, trying to get the wedding details sorted out, and working to find time for myself. The need to chill and relax and recharge the batteries is great upon me, even if finding the downtime is not so easily accomplished. This time spent here and reading around the blogs is sort of downtime, often something I find relaxing and refreshing. Right now I'm sad to say I'm doing 2 other things at the same time. Perhaps it's time to close for now.


Friday, July 2, 2010

Not Sure Why

Sometimes, after a long day, I just want to be comfy, and feel safe and protected.

Call me a slow learner if you must, but I'm always surprised when I ask Master if I may wear one of His shirts, and He very generously says "Yes!" Not surprised that the answer is yes, just surprised about how much He seems to like it when I wear one of His shirts. :)

It's a mystery alright.