Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pampered Princess

Wow! So last Thursday I go for a spa day. This was my birthday present from my mom, and it was incredible. As I lay there being massaged I thought to myself that every woman should experience a day like this, at least once in their lives!

When I entered the Spa, there were some papers to fill out in a relaxing and soothing environment where I was offered refreshment. When I completed the health history I was shown into the Tuscany room, and provided with a robe and slippers, as well as a place to store my belongings. There was plenty of water available to drink, a bowl of fresh fruit, health and beauty supplies to use. The room included changing cubicles, a restroom, a swiss shower, a swimming/jacuzzi type pool with a waterfall, a sauna, and a steam room.

My first technician met me in the Tuscany room, and explained what she would be doing that day. She explained that she'd like me to start out in the steam room for 5-10 minutes. It was eucalyptus scented, and after I got used to breathing warm moist air it was wonderfully relaxing!

She then led me to my private room, where the massages began. The first was called the ultimate foot massage, and wow, was it ever relaxing! From knee to toes, my muscles were massaged, special lotions applied, hot stones placed between my toes, and hot moist towels wrapped around my feet. At this point I was almost asleep, and she was ready to begin the body massage. An incredibly relaxing experience that left me so limp it was hard to walk!

By now 2 hours have passed, time spent relaxing, breathing, listening to very soothing and low-key music, dim and soothing lighting, and relaxing scents permeating the air. If this was the complete day, I would have been content, but there was more. Next, my technician took me to the ayurvedic spa room, where she applied a seaweed body exfoliator to my entire body, and then placed me in a spa machine which looks similar to a tanning bed. The steam began to open the pores on my skin, and activate the exfoliator. Next the hot water jets began to pulsate over my body from head to toe. Wow, did that ever feel good! My technician sat behind me, massaging my head, neck, and scalp all the while the machine is working on my body. And still the softly soothing music is playing, the lights on the spa machine are changing color every few minutes, and asleep again I go!

When this part of the treatment is complete, the seaweed scrub is rinsed from my skin, I dry off, and back to my private room we go, back up on the massage table, and special moisturizers are applied.

By this time I'm ready to sleep for days, but alas it's time for lunch. There were quite a few menu selections, and my tuna steak, grilled vegetables, pasta and shrimp salad, and crab soup were all wonderful. As I sat and relaxed in the dining room I truly felt like a princess for the day!

But wait! There's more! Now it's time for waxing and facial! And this time I fell asleep right away, so I'm not very clear on the details of the facial, lol. But when I woke up I was done, and headed for the pedicure chair! This included all the usual pedicure stuff, with the addition of a hot wax treatment for my feet. The vibrating and heated chair was delightful as always, and the knee to toe massage was great, even though it was the 2nd time that day! lol Last was the manicure, which once again included all the regular manicure stuff, along with a hot wax treatment for my hands.

All in all it was a delightful day of pampering and being spoiled, that everyone should have the pleasure of experiencing. If I win the lottery I'll do it more often myself!


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