Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Alive and Well

I don't have time to post a lot, and not much time for reading at the moment either. But I do promise that I'll get caught up eventually.

This past weekend W/we were out of town which started the lack of time.

Then my laptop started having issues making internet time harder to manage.

My school closed down for a few days due to one of our students having a confirmed case of Swine Flu. You'd think having time off would make it so I could spend more time catching up with everyone, but the travel, and sick laptop, as well as the rain and gloom outside and my messed up routine have thrown me for a loop.

By the by - the student is fine, never hospitalized, recovering nicely, and was actually never AT school to pass on the virus. But the media has got everyone so alarmed that parents refused to send their kids to school so the "powers-that-be" finally decided to close the building. I think students and staff were even encouraged to stay home - voluntary quarantine. But really - I don't have the flu and I'm not sick!

oink oink



  1. Sounds like the wicked imps of chaos have been playing in your neck of the woods beautiful.

    Glad the student was ok.

    love and hugs xxx

    ps...Ronnie hasn't been playing with your laptop has she?? ;)

  2. Hi Tapestry, glad to hear your well and that your student was OK.

    LOL M:e. Tapestry, my techno man said I had corruped my laptop :)

    Keep safe and well.