Sunday, June 13, 2010

Insight Is Good

When our minds are cluttered with too many thoughts and information, our bodies respond by trying to take action.

Several of us in this inter-web community are routinely inspired and enriched by the Daily OM, a daily email inspirational newsletter which we subscribe to. One day this past week, the newsletter began with the words above, and even before I read the whole thing I knew it was resonating deeply within me.

I recognized instantly that I need to be more conscientious to both slow my body, relaxing in order to feel, acknowledge, and process all the things swirling in my head; and also to slow my thoughts and feelings so that I could give each of them the appropriate time for dealing with them as well as giving my body the chance to settle down.

It just struck me as a very catch 22 type situation. I'm mentally and emotionally stressed, and my body reacts by jumping up and down, carrying on a great fuss, and ends up run down and ill.
And so while I'm physically ill, I'm completely unable to sort through the mental and emotional stuff, that it just sits there simmering, and possibly being repressed.

I think also, that when there's too much crowded in there, it's like an over-crowded classroom, where 1 teacher is trying to meet the needs of 60 students. It's just not conducive to learning, development, nor growth.


Thank you to the universe for providing that timely reminder. And to Elle for sharing about climate change.

Now to settle in and consciously slow down, and acknowledge, feel, and probably most importantly, breathe!



  1. Breathing is good!! Our lives these days seem to mean lots of demands on our time and lots to think about. I've found building in some 'me' time essential if I'm to function at my best. Though it felt a little selfish at first, HWMBA and I have agreed I'm actually able to be there more, and in a more healthy way, for everyone since I've started to do so.

    I hope you find a way to slow down beautiful.....I can hear in your words that you want to.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. I wish I could say I'm doing better with this, but not at all.

    Events are happening which keep me jumping, and I have not yet learned to be calm in the midst of the hub-bub.

    Which is a tad frustrating for me, because there was a time, in the past, when I think I was actually not too bad at being calm in the midst of madness. Which really seems to go back to something I observed previously, and that is that life is always busy and abuzz with stuff. How we handle the stuff, life, is what matters. There will always be problems and joys, challenges and easy times, but our mind-set determines how we cope, and even perceive those situations.

    I believe this to my core, and I intend to bring it out of my core and into the exterior me. I want to make this belief into a reality and a behavior pattern.

    It takes time, and I'll have to keep reminding myself. Someday I'll get there.