Thursday, November 10, 2011


So I hear it's Love our Lurkers day, which amuses me greatly because I think I'm more of a lurker than any reader who "lurks".  I write so sporadically it's like lurking, from the other side of the blog.  Not sure it matters, whichever side of the blog we're on.  I write when I can, am able, need to, have something to share.  I write for myself, to help me walk through this life.  When I do and when I don't, it's all good.  And on the other side of it, those who lurk are presumed to read the droppings I leave, take what they need or can use, and throw the rest out.  I presume they read when they can, are able, or need to.  I trust in the ultimate wisdom of the Universe to provide the blessing and nourishment to the reader that is helpful and needed at that time.  Likewise, I generally follow the nudging of the universal Wisdom to help me share what I need to share to provide me with growth.

Sort of a circle of life type of thing...everything is provided in the time that it is needed, in the measure that is needed, and will send ripples outward to intersect with other people in the way and at the time that they need.

So yes, lurkers are loved, as are non-lurkers, as are those other writers who share on the blogs in which I may lurk.  This journey we call life is enriched by the blogging world.



  1. Hello there....Happy LOL Day! *smiles*

  2. Hi there! I'm not technically a lurker... but Happy LOL Day anyway :)

  3. Not really a lurker. Lovely to see you posting.