Monday, June 25, 2007


I finally watched "The Secretary". Relaxing on our bed, watching together the 52" HD TV, enjoying the DVD, I'm still surprised I had never seen this movie before.

I had many emotions as the movie progressed, and some strong emotional responses. This was surprising to me, and of course I had to ponder everything since it goes against my nature to accept things as is. I have to understand the situation, as well as how it applies to me, or affects me, or how I respond to it. (Surely you aren't surprised! You know it's all about me!)

Much of what I felt was typical I think, at least in the beginning of the movie. As the story progressed I felt more submissive, and found myself irritated with Mr. Grey. This irritation progressed to something more severe, and I found myself relating his behavior to the behavior of Doms I've known in the past. (Yes, I told you, it's all about me!) And yet, by the end of the movie I came to understand that Mr. Grey was not full-grown in his Dominance, and indeed the movie was as much about his coming of age as it was about Lee discovering her nature and growing into it.

Interesting how fiction allows us to reflect on our own lives. I wonder in what ways my life would be different had I seen this movie a couple years ago? A rather sobering thought that a work of fiction can somehow affect the course of our lives. Perception, experience, belief, and feelings all play a part in decisions we make. Since I prefer a story to have a happy ending, I'm glad that Lee came to her senses and then gave Edward the chance to come to his as well!


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