Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stitches Anyone?

Ahhhh...the joys of parenting.

I love that my son and his friends want to hang out at O/our home. I always know who he's with, what he's doing, and where he is when they're here. I like that he goes to their houses or out with them too, but having them here rocks.

Partly because I really enjoy teenagers in the first place. I make sure there's food and drinks, and a degree of privacy, and a deaf ear to teenage language. I enjoy talking with them about all kinds of things, from the video games they're playing to current events.

So it's common for friends to stay all night, sometimes they sleep, sometimes they pull all night grinds on the favorite game. Last night there were 2 friends over. 2 friends I know well and trust.

That's why, when the knock came on my bedroom door at 4:24 AM and one of his friends tells me that my son has to go to the emergency room, he needs stitches, I didn't think twice. These are smart kids, and if they think something is that serious then it is.

I checked the wound myself, hugged my son tight, and told him it would be OK - he was trying so hard not to cry, and he was so scared. Pretty hard for an almost 16 year old tough guy to be strong, but he did great! Then I threw on some clothes and we piled in the car for a trip to the emergency room.

One of the boys thought he had to go home. Oh HELL no! lol If I have to sit in an emergency room at 4:30 AM, so did he!!

5 stitches in his lip later, one panic attack while getting the needle of novacaine in the gums, and we're on our way back home. He's fine, sleeping soundly, and all will be well.

This was his first set of stitches, so he's been very lucky so far! Although I didn't get my first set till I was 30, and it was 6 stitches - so I still have 1 up on him! (I really hope he never catches up to me.)

I need a nap.


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