Friday, July 13, 2007

Simple Pleasure?

Sometimes we take things for granted, especially the little things that seem insignificant. Master has an allergy to all things dairy - that is the stuff that comes from cows milk. Master becomes ill whenever he eats cows milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, and anything you can think of that's made from milk, or has milk in it.

Given that this is true, and me being who I am - a fixer and a pleaser - I first eliminated from his diet all cows milk products. Let me tell you, this turned out to be a challenging task. I was amazed how many foods contain "Whey". Whey is the leftover liquid once milk has curdled, and apparently it is added to a multiple of foods in order to add vitamins and minerals and even flavor.

So, I've pretty much settled on his diet, which includes soy milk, soy and goat cheeses, goat milk, goat butter, and, well, you get the point. Modern day products like the soy-based "dairy" items, and traditional products such as goat-products, have made this a lot easier. Add making more foods from scratch, using whole foods more and processed foods less, and Master is consuming very little cow products at all - and these only when eating out.

So imagine if you can, my delight - I mean DELIGHT!! at the pleasure Master felt and expressed from a simple grilled cheese sandwich I made for him. :) This slave lives for Master's pleasure and happiness, and this simple food gave Him great enjoyment, and gave me abundant fulfillment!

It was not that difficult to prepare a safely-edible goat butter, bread, and soy cheese sandwich, and yet, Master had not eaten a grilled cheese sandwich in such a long time. Loving someone and caring for their well-being means (to me) making a little extra effort to please them. I think of this as "Love in action". I don't just say the words, I live the words. I often refer to the "Happy Bunny" phrase, "It's all about me!" And yet for me, for any slave, it's all about Master. If Master is happy, then all is well in my world. And that, is my simple pleasure.

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