Sunday, July 29, 2007

Home Again

Well W/we're home again. Tired and hating the whole un-packing thing, lol, but fine nonetheless. W/we had a wonderful time visiting friends and family this past week, and then capped it off with a weekend at a resort in West Virginia.
Monday night W/we visited with MikkiStar (I'm still full from that dinner!!!) And for those of you who read her blog, she's just like that in person. She is who she is, not fake or phony, no putting on airs. W/we both loved her to pieces and did NOT want to leave! And if you DO read Mikki's blog then you've already seen a couple of pictures W/we took that night. Above is another one Mikki took of the 2 of U/us together at the Harding Memorial.

W/we visited family for the next few days, some from my side and some from His side. Had the chance to do some exploring and shopping in downtown Ann Arbor, and loved it. Such a lovely city, with all the benefits of city life without the hassles of the congestion and over-population around here. Small town living with big city benefits, the best of both worlds.

Now it's time to wash clothes and settle back in, spend time catching up with the 16 year old who stayed home with the pets by himself for the week. That was his vacation, and while I know he enjoyed it, I think he's secretly happy to have U/us home. And W/we're happy to be back home with the dog, cats, and son.

Hope all have been well during the past week, and hope to catch up with everyone soon!

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