Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How Odd

Sometimes people can be downright odd I think.

I was reading Constance's Blog and found a comment that was really quite rude to Constance by way of insulting her love and her Master, Mr C. I was trying to imagine a scenario where someone would think it OK to write a nasty remark about my own dear Sir. And most especially for that to happen here on my own blog.

I confess, I find that to be the most outrageous of bad behavior.

Bash whomever you want to bash if you must, but not on another person's blog, and especially not when it's about that person or someone they love.

I think I prefer the Kind Blog ideal.

It isn't because men like Mr C and my dear PirateDaddy can't stand up for themselves - of course they can. They surely do not need Constance or myself to defend them. That is not the point. And it is not because people like Constance and me think our Dominants are perfect. We're actually quite well aware of the faults of these men we love. And yet we love them anyway. Hmmm, almost like they love us in spite of our failings.

That is what makes a good relationship, one worth working at and holding onto and fighting for if need be. Love without blinders. Love that doesn't pretend everything is perfect; love willing to work on improving and growing and changing, acknowledging the need for being better. If we pretend everything is perfect just as is, the relationship is doomed for failure.

But that doesn't give someone outside the relationship the right to make rude comments about our partner. Just because you don't understand something doesn't mean you can put it down or be churlish. Either seek to learn and understand or else just let it go and move on.


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