Saturday, August 23, 2008


OK, I'm not one to bash my opinions into someone else - if we think alike, great. If we don't, that's cool too. There's room for many points of view in my world. This doesn't mean I'll cave in and agree with you, nor do I expect you to agree with me. I'm actually quite comfortable in my own skin, and believing what I believe, and don't mind if you see things differently.

Which is why you don't see political bumper stickers on my cars, or signs in my yard. But the one here is very tempting! :)

No matter who you think should be the next President, you have to see the humor in this.

(Although if you don't, that's ok too, I think it's hysterically funny, which is all that really matters.)


  1. I decided long ago to stay away from politics on my own page too, since what we talk about (sex & relationships) is controversial ENOUGH!

    But....That IS funny!

  2. I saw a picture somewhere of Dick Cheney and Valdemont with the caption, "The most evil person in the world, shown here with his good friend Valdemont." I wish I could find it again. I love the bumper sticker.