Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orgasm Control/Denial

Sir enjoys the practice of orgasm control and denial.

I suspect many Dominant-type people do.

Can't say I love it though, lol, since it only seems to be my orgasms He wishes to deny/control. :)

I have tried to explain that it's ok, He doesn't have to ration them, I can have as many as He wants me to have. I won't run out, there's plenty more waiting.


It's true, lol.

Somehow, as adorable and cute as I am, and no matter how much I make Him laugh, He just doesn't seem inclined to understand just what I'm trying to say. And He doesn't give in.


There must be something about begging that pleases these Dominant-types.


  1. "There must be something about begging that pleases these Dominant-types."

    I wonder just what the attraction could be!

  2. lol!

    Well I'm sure I wouldn't know, I just try to do as I'm told, like a good girl.

    Perhaps someday someone will explain it all to me.

  3. Funny girl!

    Maybe they will, don't forget to let me in on the secret.

    Nice to make your acquaintance Miss Tapestry.