Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Thought For Today

Blessed are those who can give without remembering

And take without forgetting.



  1. It took me more than a few minutes to process what this meant - but yes! What a great thought! You have been quiet lately - and I am hoping that you are feeling much better then you were last week. ♥

  2. Thats such a beautiful quote! You always share such inspiring things. Thank you for your comment, honey... it was much appreciated. :)

  3. How lovely Tapestry, thanks for sharing. I love the picture
    Hope your feeling stronger.

  4. I'm glad you liked this Barbie, and I'm feeling better. Not sure I'm done being quiet, but feeling better.

    Princess I was thrilled that things are working out so well, you never have to thank me for a comment! And I'm glad also that you liked this quote too. (Wish I knew who first said it...) I'm humbled that you find anything I share inspiring - I really am not trying to inspire anyone, I write about my own journey, and what's speaking to me and happening with me. What a blessing that others are able to glean something from my own discoveries.

    Ronnie you're most welcome! When I was looking for pictures of gratitude or generosity this one popped up in the Googly place and while it wasn't the exact image I had in mind, it was the one I kept coming back to. I suspect the little girl has something to do with that - I am SUCH a Daddy's girl, both when I was growing up with my Dad and now with Master.