Saturday, April 17, 2010

Park Joys

I know I wrote in the past about walking in the park near home, and how much I enjoyed feeding and watching the squirrels. I still do. And yes, that's the same park in which I became engaged. :)

The seasons appear to have significant impact on the park. So far this spring, I've encountered very few squirrels to feed - significantly less than last fall. 2 today, instead of the usual 10 or 20 last fall. It's been that way all spring.

There are most likely many reasons for this, and my favorite notion (not based in fact at all) is that the squirrels are still in the den/nesting place having and raising and protecting baby squirrels. I am hopeful that this theory is true and in time the park will be filled with the critters again. In the meantime, I don't spend as much money on nuts right now.

There is a trade-off though. Where we are lacking in squirrels, we are flourishing with birds. They are much more active and in greater numbers than last fall. Where we saw some cardinals, robins, sparrows, and finches in the past, this spring I've noticed all of those, more of them, and also some orioles, woodpeckers, morning doves, and some others I don't know the names of.

It's been very enjoyable to watch the antics of the birds. The sleek, shiny, glossy, jet-black feathers of the oriole which is noticeable when he is perched and then the contrast of the brilliant orange when he spreads his wings to fly away from me. The amazingly vibrant colors of the cardinals in their best finery (or is that feathery?) Even the females are more orange-y than gray at this time of year. And oh the bright cherry red head of the woodpecker!

I tried a gym membership over the winter months, and discovered that while I may need to be there to be active enough in the cold snowy months, I don't like it. The stale air and the drudgery that walking on the treadmill is, make it difficult to go. But looking forward to and then enjoying all the creatures great and small that I encounter at this park situated on the banks of where 3 rivers join, make what is exercise and healthy activity seem like, well, a walk in the park!



  1. I love walking in the park too! Thinking your missing squirrels have moved to my neighborhood. I think they love to tease my poor puppy. She is dying to get off her leash and chase them.

  2. I'm not a gym-bunny either, I'd much rather be out walking in the fresh air...especially when there's a fresh wind blowing.

    The next time I'm at our local park I'll try to remember the camera and send you some pictures. There's a beautiful lake, and I often take my grandmother there and we feed the swans and ducks.

    The squirrels are more local companions. I can see them from my study window scampering around the garden. They've been very active this past few weeks, and their antics always make me smile.

    love and hugs xxx

  3. Tapestry, I hate the gym, tried it once but never went back :)

    We both love to walk and often in the summer we go long walk through the woods on the weekends.

    Squirrels are not my favourite animal, we often have them outside our office door and they sit on the posts and look in.


  4. Kitten, that's why I don't take the dog to the park with me. She would surely get away from me in her desperation to eat those squirrels.

  5. M:e, your park sounds lovely, I look forward to seeing your photos. Perhaps someday Master will share some of the photos from O/our park on His blog. ;)

  6. Ronnie, I seem to recall reading some interesting bits in the past on your blog about some walks in the woods near your home. ;)

    And I must confess to a case of the giggles as I picture the squirrels spying on you through the window at work. Perhaps is you give them some peanuts (the ones still in the shell) they will leave you alone. Dunno, it just makes me laugh to picture them there looking in the window. :)