Sunday, November 14, 2010

Routine Is Good

So there just isn't a lot to write about. I'm not sure there's anything to write about that's worth reading.

Mom continued to deteriorate after the gall bladder surgery, never improving the way she was expected to, and in fact worsening. Sadly, my sister was focused on herself and not Mom, and allowed things to get really bad. Mom eventually landed in the ICU for a long time, where they finally figured out she had a bleeding duodenal ulcer. A really large, really deep, really big, gusher of an ulcer. This is what was wrong previously when she was diagnosed as needing her gall bladder out, and it worsened and worsened. She suffered from mal-nutrition for months (she wasn't able to eat!) and also with severe blood loss. I lost count of the units of blood she was given in the hospital, over 20 in the weekend I was there alone.

Anyway, she's in rehab now, trying to regain some strength and ability. It's a tough journey for her, and the weakened state she was in due to the lost blood and lack of nutrition have taken a toll, a non-refundable toll. There is much less strength and ability and mobility, and she will not be able to regain those things, between her age and the RA. But her mind is back with us, for the most part. And she still has many years to contribute to this world. Hoping that soon she can go home.

And the young son away at college? He's doing splendidly. No episodes of IBS have occurred, at least not that he's mentioned. He's had one head cold, and is all better now. His acne has cleared up, he's doing well in classes, I'm trying to remind him that it's OK if he earns less than an A! I'm not sure why he's still a little wired about grades, I never have been obsessed with them. Hoping he learns to just do his best.

Life at home is routine. W/we go to work, W/we come home, there's dinner, and laundry, and pet care and stuff. W/we've both been dealing with minor nagging illness, nothing serious, but energy sapping when combined with work and life in general. Would be nice to just pause and rest and get well, but sadly, nothing has been serious enough to warrant time off from work, it's just nagging and enervating.

W/we will both be fine though, full recovery is coming, I know it is.

It seems that many of us around blog-land are experiencing this lack of worthwhile writing material. Life happens, and it's not often very glamorous or interesting (I know you don't care to hear about me having both headlights burn out at once, driving with my bright lights on, and spending an hour in a car repair shop waiting room while they replaced the burnt out with new!)
Or about the dinners I've cooked, or the ones that Master and I have cooked together. Of course they've been delicious, but seriously, who wants to talk about or read about normal daily life events.

And yet, that really is what life is made up of. Normal routine, nothing special. Perhaps we all need to change our mindset a little so that we long to hear about the run-of-the-mill. Perhaps that would help us all move away from the need for drama in our lives, and be content with calm, usual, normal, simplicity.

Do you think maybe that's why we don't write, or don't feel we have anything interesting to write about? Because it's not dramatic and marvelous and complicated?

Really, I'd love to read what you have to say about the cookies you baked or the show you watched that had you laughing so hard (Big Bang Theory does it for me.)

I'd love to know that you successfully performed car maintenance yourself instead of paying a man to do it for you. (I hate that I had to pay someone to replace lightbulbs, of all things!)

I'd love to hear about the "normal" daily stuff you do that makes up a life. It's not ground-breaking or earth-shattering (love those phrases) it's just routine.

Because routine is life, and it's how we live our ordinary days that determines our special days.

So let's write. It's OK if we have no insights to share. No thoughts that will change the way we view the world. It's OK to write about little things. And it's OK if we don't have big things going on. It's good to let it all go, let go of the need for drama, and the dissatisfaction with our lives. It's OK to be content with the day in and day out sameness and ordinariness.

I look around the inter-webs, and realize that we all want to be significant. We seem to search for relevance. I think we look in the wrong places for those things. We are each relevant and significant, just through the fact of our existence. It's time to slow down and embrace that, and choose to revel in our ordinary days.


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