Saturday, November 20, 2010



I've been dissatisfied with, of all things, my purse/shoulder-bag/pocketbook (not sure what everyone calls the female handbag, so I thought I'd provide an assortment of names.)

And by dissatisfied, I mean really irritable about the difficulties it presents to me. It was once a beloved bag, for many years, but right now it's just not serving my needs. I suppose I've changed, it's not the bag it's me. :P

Regardless, I've had a lot of trouble finding a bag that will work.

Until last night.

W/we had dinner out (just LOVE date night with HIM!) Yummy food, relaxing experience. And even though we were both tired from the work-week when we met at the restaurant, (He drove straight there from work and I met him there,) by the time O/our meal was finished W/we were refreshed enough to wander through one of the department stores nearby.

And that's when He found THE purse. The one for me.

It's really silly how excited I am about having a new purse - it's bordering on idiotic goofiness to be honest, lol.

But sometimes it's the little things, I think, that mean so much.

Oh and by the way, Mom has improved enough to go home. She's been in a variety of hospitals and care facilities since the end of September, so this is a big deal. :)

And the child is coming home from university for the Thanksgiving Holiday. W/we didn't even have to beg him (well Master wouldn't have begged, but I might have, lol.) W/we're both thrilled at the thought. Don't get me wrong, W/we really enjoy being alone here in the house. But it's always worth any inconvenience to have the child unit home.

So see - some little success and some big success, perhaps there's a pattern emerging? :P


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