Monday, June 5, 2006

A Home For All Seasons

Well it's going to be a long night! i'm on my own with the pets and teenager; Master is unable to be with us tonight. All the pets are looking for Him, and i never sleep as well alone as i do with Him. Add to that concern for Him and the situation He is involved in right now, and it adds up to a long night. He'll be fine, we'll be fine, everything is ok. Let's think of other things.

I've been wanting, more and more lately, to finish some of the work on my house that was begun or planned when I bought it just over 2 years ago. I'm feeling a desire and need to be more settled, which I take as a good sign. For so long I just floated along, doing the things that had to be done, not really feeling or enjoying anything, not really living. But last summer things began to shift for me, I was ready to live again. And you know something? For me that was a pretty slow process. There's still areas of life I'm waking up to, the bits and pieces that make up a life that I'm reclaiming as mine. But I think it's safe to say some major healing has taken place, and I'm finding myself more and more able to move on everyday.

So, I'm wanting to settle more into my home, make it more mine and less the previous owner's. And part of my desire to do that also stems from my desire to have friends over. Nothing special, no big deal, just be able to invite our friends to join us for dinner and yakking, you know the drill. Maybe I'll have a bunch of girlfriends over for girl's night out, or movie night, or a spa party! Anyway, the fact that I want to entertain again and be with friends says alot about my healing. And the fact that W/we've found such a wonderful community of people among whom W/we've made so many treasured friends is also part of the reason it's time to settle in and make this house into a home!

So that's the turn of my thoughts lately. I'm the one thinking of paint samples, decorating, home improvement, and menus that guests/friends will enjoy! Time to get it started! (Hah!)


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