Thursday, June 1, 2006

The Kind You Don't Take Home to Mother

Wow! Do I have the BEST Master or what????? You see, I've got this fetish. My own personal kink. Everyone has a fetish or kink of some type. Mine happens to be for office supplies in general, and Post-It's in particular. I love Post-Its! OK, that's not a strong enough way to describe how I feel when I see them in a store, use them, or think about them. This is one of the most perfect items ever created and added to offices, both home and work.

Anyway, now you know my dirty little secret!

So how, you ask, does this have anything to do with Master? Earlier today He discovered this website: and shared it with me. On this site, for a new Post-It product, I was able to click on a link and sign up for a free sample!!! That was easily the highest point of my day, so far anyway.

OK wait - discovering the Liz Phair song H.W.C. was probably the high point of the day. But the free Post-Its sure made my heart pound!!! (Check out the lyrics for Liz Phair's song, I was quite surprised that the nice girl who sings "Why Can't I?" also sings H.W.C., and on the same CD!!)

So yes, my Master is simply the best, most generous and thoughtful and loving man ever! I'm a very lucky girl! (She's a very kinky girl...the kind you don't take home mother...)


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