Thursday, May 31, 2007

If It Ain't One Thing It's Another...

So my son is having these Laser treatments for his acne. They seem to be working nicely too. He goes twice a week for 6 weeks. Until this morning when he woke up and told me his eyes hurt. It hurt to move his eyes, and the light (which was turned off at the time) was hurting his eyes too.

I asked some questions and looked in his eyes (no infection) and then he said, "well, I might not have kept my eyes closed during the laser treatment yesterday."


There followed a series of phone calls and conversations that for the most part upset me. A lot.

Including the one to the dermatologist's office, where they freaked out. As a matter of self-preservation, I made up my mind that he was going to be fine, that this was superficial and temporary, and he would be just fine. I didn't know at that point, but I chose to believe that.

Now that we're back from the Ophthamologist, I'm much more calm. He should make a full and complete recovery. The Doctor said to think of this as a sunburn. It is uncomfortable, and hurts, but it gets better. See?? I knew it all along!

What a relief.

Of course, the dog's surgeon (how many dogs have their very own surgeons???) called to say that the last blood test was conclusive and Duke had to have another surgery. Well, I was hoping he wouldn't need one, obviously, but he'll be fine also. I said so. :)

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of good things, positive things, happening. Somehow it's the worrisome things that consume our energy though.

So since there's always something and there's good things mixed in with bad things, I'll just continue to choose the best possible ending, and let go of the negative endings. Plenty of power in positive thinking. I'm living proof!


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