Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Life Goes On

Days come, days go. Events occur in our lives and the lives of our friends. Many are big events, some positive some negative, and then there are smaller events.

Really, it is a small thing to have become the owner of my first handgun. And yet, it's still significant to me. I had mixed feelings about owning a gun, but since I don't make the rules, and the one who does wanted me to have my own gun, the decision was made. We carefully shopped to find the right one for me, and after much time passed, the XD9 became mine.

It has a nice, smooth feel when I shoot it - not nearly as big, and sharp, and, well, "BIG", as Master's 45. While the 45 is certainly more powerful, the 9mm will do just fine if ever needed in an emergency. For now we enjoy target shooting, and work to improve speed and accuracy with each visit to the range.

Unexpectedly, owning the weapon has given me a sense of power. Rather than fear of holding a deadly weapon, I've found safety and security in knowing that I know how to operate such a weapon, and that I am a good shot. I usually hit what I'm aiming at or near by, and while I don't need to kill an intruder in our home, I will certainly aim to stop them from perpetrating harm to me or mine. (I'm thinking the groin area will work just fine!)

So, all in all, not a particularly important event, especially in light of my employee whose daughter was abducted last Wednesday afternoon and still has not been found; and the employee whose daughter fell into a coma 3 weeks ago and is not progressing well; and good friends who are hospitalized and/or caring for those who are ill. There's so much going on in our lives, but this one, happy event is still special to me.

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