Monday, March 24, 2008

Let Go!

Here is an excerpt from one of the weekly inspirational emails I receive. I felt this so often applies to so many of us that I decided to share it here. If you're interested in the entire email instead of just this excerpt just visit THIS LINK where you can also sign up to receive these weekly doses of reality for yourself if you like.

Often monkeys are captured by the "yam in a jar technique." People who wish to capture them do so with the knowledge that once the monkey sticks its hand in the jar to retrieve the yam, it will not let go. The neck of the jar is sufficiently narrow so that the monkey's empty hand can enter it, but its full hand cannot exit the jar. The monkey is effectively trapped and must suffer the consequences when it stubbornly refuses to let go.
As humans, we have sufficient intellect to recognize that we continue to trap ourselves when we refuse to let go. We have control over the choices that we make.
Choose to let go of the yam!

Affirmation for the Week:
“I will learn from my mistakes and then let go.”


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