Friday, March 21, 2008

Sometimes It's Better To Say Nothing At All

A difficult mother, an abusive husband (now ex), and many years of therapy have taught me what I should tolerate and what I should reject in the behavior of other people. And as the cool sign pictured here indicates, I do not need to tolerate nastiness. I'm not of the belief that anyone should tolerate nastiness, but I certainly will not.
For me this includes the above-board out and out nastiness some people display, as well as the behind the smile, cattiness that other people display. I think it's the difference between aggression and passive-aggression.
Sadly, in recent weeks I've encountered both active aggression and passive aggression in the behavior of other people within the local BDSM community. The very people from whom I expect courtesy, politeness, tolerance, and the ability to agree to disagree, I found just the opposite. And oh so much drama. Good heavens, just grow up! Different situations on 2 different message boards, and 2 very different groups of people within the lifestyle, and still I have to read this bile. :(
I lived with enough of this type of thing in the past, and I don't choose to live with it now or in the present. It's at times like this when I recall one of the sayings my Dad employed with my bothers and sister, "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." Sounds like a polite way of telling your child to shut up, lol, but really, pretty good advice if you think about it.
I have a dream, and while there will always be nasty people in the world, I know there will, I am not required to tolerate such poor behavior. So perhaps a change in the sign above is required, Be Nice, or I'll Leave.

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