Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching My Breath

Life has been insanely busy lately - makes it hard to Blog!

Last week was dear son's birthday, and while he only invited 7 friends over to celebrate, it seemed much more like 70! There is something very large and demanding about 7 young men, around the 17 yr old age. They were large and loud competing at video games on their own Lan network, even larger and louder while trying to outdo one another at the weight bench followed by arm wrestling, and even louder lined up in the backyard with a variety of air-soft rifles, pistols, and shotguns taking target practice. But all that was nothing compared to just how loud and large and demanding they were when it came to food. I severely underestimated the amount of food I needed - not to mention beverages!

And when did birthday celebrations become 3 day affairs?? I swear - I can still sense the excess testosterone in the house!

Then it was off to Olive Garden for dinner with dear friends, fellow submissive women. And really, it's always such a wonderful time with them. I love a wide diversity of people in my life, but there is something relaxing about getting together with other people who think like I do, and "get" me!

Prior to son's birthday W/we celebrated with a dear friend as her daughter turned 21. Such a fun party, great company, food, (they didn't run out!) and a fabulous pool to swim in! I hope it didn't take them as long to recover from the celebration as it's taken me!

Don't get me wrong - son is an only child, and I didn't intend to only have an only child, so I love a houseful of kids! And his friends are great kids too. Perhaps this house is slightly smaller than 7 boys requires, or I'm a little older, or they're a bit hungrier, or I'm not sure what, lol.

I had time to recover though, and less than a week later W/we're celebrating Master's birthday. I volunteered to take His birthday spanking for Him - it's a sacrifice, but He's worth it. ;)

So in less than a week I've baked 2 cakes and provided what seems like a ton of junk food. I think I need to eat a salad! Maybe some broccoli too...

Of course there are still other things going on, more mundane things, and it's just been a little too much, and took away my blogging time!

But I haven't gone anywhere. I'm still here. And in fact, have been trying to transfer some of my older blog entries from a different site over to here. ~k~ told me how to use the Options feature to actually post the entry on the day it was originally posted - so that's wonderful! The only tie up to the whole thing is the other site - it operates sooooooooooo slowly, that it really takes a lot of patience and down time waiting for every page to load up. I guess I'll look at it as a positive exercise for me.


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