Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Power Of Affirmations

At the end of each Monday Motivating Moment, we include an affirmation for the week. Some of our readers have reported using them with great success. Other readers indicate that they read them only once. So what is the deal with affirmations, and how can they be successfully used?

Affirmations are positive statements that, when read and spoken repeatedly, can be very powerful mind and life changers. If you think about it, we all use affirmations, affirming a certain condition, mindset, or situation in our lives.

Most often these affirmations are negative and may include some statements as, "I am not very... smart, athletic, successful, likeable, thin, healthy, etc. I will never be... successful, happy, prosperous, etc."
Take a moment to reflect upon the statements you repeatedly make about yourself, silently or out loud. Are the statements negative? How do you see your life and does it reflect an underlying belief pattern supported by any negative affirmations? Do you want to change your life and your mindset? If so, affirmations are powerful tools to do just that. So how do you create and use these tools?

1 The statement should be positive, in the present tense, and short. "I am happy, prosperous and successful in all aspects of my life." "I am at my right and perfect weight." "I love to exercise."

2 Repeat the affirmations throughout your day. It is especially helpful to post them where you can see them during the day.

3 Imagine what your life would look and be like as you make your affirmations. Remember, what you see is what you get.

4 Believing the affirmations will bring about quicker results, but sometimes you must repeat the affirmations until you begin to believe them (just as you did when you used negative statements). Act as if the affirmation is already true and watch as it become so.

5 Be persistent in the use of your affirmations. The more serious that you are about making the changes, the more likely you are to use the affirmations. Some affirmations bring about quick results and others require use on a daily basis for weeks or months.

Affirmation for the Week:

"I am a happy, healthy, successful person. I am firm in my beliefs and create the life that I want through positive statements and beliefs.”

Have an affirming week!


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