Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spatial Perception

I suspect I am visually impaired, particularly when it comes to spatial relations. This afternoon as W/we were getting into the car I asked Master to back up about 12 inches. He backed up a smidgen and I said, "A little more."

He said, "That was 12 inches."

I said, "No it wasn't."

So He backed up until I said "OK". At which time He commented, "That was closer to 24 inches."

I continued to disagree, whereupon He said, "Perhaps I should have you measure my dick now, it's bound to be at least 18 inches."

I should know better than to argue with a mathematician.



  1. that is too funny! Master and i have had conversations just like!

  2. it. And of course there would be several wonderful replies to your Master's last remark, all said with a flutter of lashes and a cheeky smile!!!

    love and hugs xxx

  3. *grin*

    Yes, I'm a very good little girl.

    And He is a very wise Master with many extremely fine qualities.


  4. Interesting fact 742, spatial awareness skills are directly related to testosterone levels.

    A fairly simple test is to see if a girls ring finger is longer than her index finger, if it is, then she will have a greater level of spacial awareness skills. The greater the difference is, the greater spacial awareness skills she will show.

    My own feeling is that girls being 'very good little girls' outweighs all else, so why worry?

  5. No worries at all - Master was laughing throughout the interchange (if He was serious I would have never "argued" at all. And when He had the last word I just cracked up laughing. Besides showing His good will and sense of humor, and besides being funny, it served to really show my lack of ability with gauging the distance.
    Nope, no worries, although now you've got me comparing my index and ring fingers and trying to figure that out. You know they appear to be different depending on how I hold me hand. I'm so confused.

  6. Well, measuring the extended digits would be one way, although keeping in mind the subject of your post, you might want a man to do that for you!

  7. LOL Tapestry and did you reply?

    P says I'm hopeless at distances, I have no clue, he's right, I am.