Saturday, February 12, 2011

Good Vibrations

There is something deeply soul-satisfying about driving alone with the car stereo turned up enough so that the throbbing bass vibrates the doors and mirrors.

I don't know why.  It just fills me with contentment.




  1. So different from me. If I buy a car with stereo, the first thing I do is remove it. I love the quiet sound of the wind and the tyres

  2. I've been pondering your words for the past couple of weeks, letting them sit with me while I sort out my feelings about this.

    It's been a bit strange, because I am actually someone who loves and craves quiet. I've always been a quiet walker, not a stomper. I've always preferred to listen to the TV very quietly. I prefer quieter conversations. I don't generally enjoy loudness or calling attention to oneself. At the end of the day of work in the noisy commercial kitchen, I experience a physical relief when the exhaust hood and other equipment is shut off. The silence is palpable and greatly appreciated, as if I can breathe again.

    So in your words, I recognized much truth about me - I love quiet.
    With the one single exception of when I'm listening to music I love coupled with being alone. (Unless I'm attending a concert/live performance.) I don't enjoy the music at a loud volume when others are around as this prohibits conversation and connection. But when alone, I so enjoy allowing myself to get lost in the composition. the music transports me at that time, and in that way. While I was in labor with my son it was music (not breathing) which helped me sail through those dreadful pitocin-induced contractions.

    So perhaps you can see why your words made me pause to reflect. I love my loud music but I also crave peace and quiet and tranquility. Thank you for the thoughts. I always love the chance to get to know myself a bit better.