Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Why do humans need to organize?

Why, when they do organize, do they make a mess of it?

Most can easily see that these questions are brought to my mind by pondering organized religion.  And no matter what religion you consider, mankind has made a mess of it.  The spiritual world is best accepted on faith, and there are many aspects of it that humans simply cannot fully understand.  It seems religious leaders love to try to do so though, which generally causes negativity in the physical world including (but not limited to) oppressed humans, wars, fear, and failure to see the divine in all.

But I've also found that the same need to organize, and mess made of the attempt appears everywhere.  Government, politics, civic groups, neighborhood groups, book clubs, you name it - anytime it gets organized there are problems.  It's really not just with religion.  And I know society needs organization and rules to function, really I do.  I'm not naive.  But I do wish we were more tolerant and gentle and loving with one another.  I wish that individuals were  a bit  more altruistic, and less willing to be out for their own gain.  I wish that people weren't subject to needing to exercise power over others in order to feel good about themselves. I wish that people checked their fragile little egos at the door before harming another.  Words as well as actions cause harm. Thoughtlessness and ignorance cause harm.  Selfishness and stupidity cause harm.

It's enough to make me want to live on an island where others can't hurt me, and where I don't need the rest of the world.  But that is naive thinking.

The one place I (very naively) believed would be free of such organizational blundering and negativity was within the BDSM community.  hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaa-gasp-stopdon'tmakemelaughIcan'tbreathe!

I was used to it in religious and political and other social places, after all, I was brought up with such things and thought they were normal.  But when I "discovered" the "Scene", I thought that mess was all behind me because people in the Lifestyle, being considered "different" and "not normal", "kinky" and "weird" would be totally tolerant and loving toward others.  Whoa Nelly, not so at all.  Shew.  Getting into the organizations we discover the same messes (perhaps in microcosm) that exist anywhere else humans are organized. gah.

Is there an answer?  Nope.  Is there anything to be done?  No, not really.  Human nature is what it is.  The only person I can affect any change in is me.  (Well, and hopefully I raised the child to be more tolerant and open-minded, but that's a different matter.)  I can only take care of how I interact in the world, and only control my own actions.  I choose to believe that my thoughts and actions send ripples of energy out into the cosmos, so I choose positivity.  Even though sometimes things seem bleak and I don't feel very positive.  In the end I don't think my negativity helps at all, so I work on making positive choices.

Wish me luck - and join me.



  1. My pretty new bracelet, made from malachite, has reputed vibrational energies (as do most gemstones and minerals). When I looked up malachite, I found that it is a "reflector" mineral. Whatever one is feeling / experiencing is reflected back to the wearer of malachite. So... no negativity. The advice to those who wear this particular stone is to leave it off if experiencing feelings that are less than positive... So, yup -- I'll be joining you.


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