Thursday, June 12, 2008

Great Read

I recently found a delightful book called "Playing" written by Melanie Abrams. If you enjoy good reading I suggest you check it out.

The story is about a Grad student named Josie who is also working as a Nanny. Josie finds herself oddly and intensely attracted to, of all people, the man her employer is dating. (oops!)

Lots of Domination, submission, bondage, beatings, and other delightful things take place, even as our young heroine struggles to reconcile this part of her nature. After all, isn't this type of thing wrong??? How can it bring her so much pleasure? She should stop. As you can imagine if you're either a reader of fiction or a part of the BDSM lifestyle yourself, this tortured heroine must journey through the maze of her own mind, battling demons all the way.

I enjoyed the book a lot, even though I didn't relate to her intense struggle (for me the path was easy to choose for in this path is my only freedom.) But not relating on a personal level certainly did not stop me from understanding the plight of the characters.

The book is well-written, for non-BDSM practitioners I'm certain it is quite a bit titillating. For those in the Lifestyle it's just good clean fun!

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