Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rituals & Protocols

So I mentioned the Retreat I attended this past weekend, Servant's Retreat. And during the course of the 3 days the topic of rituals and protocols was discussed (big surprise...)

At first, when asked what special rituals or protocols W/we observed to help U/us maintain the desired head-space I just drew a blank. I simply could not think of anything.

Which is just ridiculous considering that everyday of my life I wear a dog tag similar to the one pictured above, which Master had engraved with words to remind me of who I am and to whom I belong. And yes, I even had this on while at the retreat, as I said, I wear it everyday.

I did finally realize that this item fit the question, but I was rather surprised at myself.

My mind had focused on things sitting around the house, or very tangible, blatant things like wrist cuffs, floggers, and types of behaviors. My mind focused on the lack of some of these things that others in the room may have had but I didn't since W/we share O/our home with a teenage son. It seems I was viewing things from a place of lack or scarcity rather than from a place of fullness and abundance.

Very clearly now, I see that one of my tasks on the never-ending journey of self-improvement is to teach my mind to see what is possible, what can be, and to teach my mind to be more open to the reality of what is wonderful and is positive, rather than negatively believing something is amiss if it is not.

I don't want to view the world through rosy-colored glasses - they offer just as much distortion as always seeing the negative. I just want to be aware of and awake to what is real and true.


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