Friday, June 6, 2008

Mai Tai Anyone?

Or is that my-tie-one on???


W/we dined at an authentic Indian Restaurant by the name of Sizzling Bombay and it was scrumptious!

But the drink they prepared for me, a Mai Tai, was very very strong. Deliciously, delightfully strong. Head-spinning, dizzy-making strong. it seems that most restaurants do not go to the expense and bother of making a good, strong drink, using lesser ingredients or just less of the alcohol. But Sizzling Bombay knows how to make a drink!

Did I mention the food was just wonderful? W/we had a chicken dish in an orange sauce which was mouth-wateringly yummy, and a lamb dish which was prepared to perfection. We're eagerly looking forward to the leftovers, it was way too much to finish.

It's such a treat for us to find authentic foreign cuisine close to home. Sir is from the DC area, and quite accustomed to excellent food whenever He wants it. Moving out to the country has been a bit hard on His palette. Thank heaven more of the real-deal is opening nearby.

In addition to Sizzling Bombay, an authentic Japanese Sushi house has recently opened around the corner too. Sir is especially fond of all things Japanese, sushi most especially, and this place, Fuji Sushi, ranks right up there with some of the best He's had. O/our son has even come to love sushi there. As you can see from the link, they don't have a website yet, but the menu is vast, and all yummy.

Exploring and enjoying various cuisines is just one example of the many ways Sir has changed me, broadened my life, and molded me into the perfect companion for Him.


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