Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Gun Fun

So I have a new gun. I love shooting my Springfield Armory XD9 (9mm), and I'm very partial to it since it was the first gun I ever owned. And I'm very accurate with it. A friend of mine went shooting with U/us once, and after observing my shooting skills remarked, "Remind me to never break into your home."


Anyway, W/we wanted to add to my collection (can't really call 1 gun a collection, lol) and since my carpal tunnel syndrome is making the XD9 a little harder to load, W/we decided on a 22. Sir is a researcher and a shopper and a comparer, so away He went. Of the choices He gave me, I selected the one that looked best to me. And so now, I own gun #2, a Sig Sauer Mosquito.

So W/we went to practice shooting with the new gun. Lots easier to load, lots of fun to shoot, not much kick. Still working on the accuracy thing - but it does take time shooting a gun to get the feel for it. I'm surprisingly very accurate with Sir's guns (45's) and of course very good with the 9mm. But still have a ways to go with this one. Apparently the lighter weight ammo and small size really does make a difference. With my aim, accuracy, and oddly enough, with my own personal safety.

Personal safety? What is she talking about??

Well, since you asked, I'll tell you. With the other guns I've shot, I was accustomed to the occasional shell casing ejecting and landing on me and then bouncing to the ground. Yes, generally the casings eject to the side, but sometimes they go backwards.

Same is true with the 22 - usually to the side, occasionally backwards. One thing though, they are small, small, little, little bullets, which means small, small, little, little shell casings. And I never realized until I experienced it, that they didn't weigh very much - not much at all. And so gravity was unable to help me out when one of those shell casings landed inside my blouse. And stuck there instead of bouncing off and falling to the ground. And as I tried to carefully lay the gun down and get the casing out of my blouse, I was unable to do it quickly enough to keep the casing from searing my skin. And my skin melted. And it hurt. Alot.

Of course, I'm really embarrassed to admit that after that first time I blithely returned to shooting, and it happened again. After the second time I wised up and buttoned my blouse up all the way. The picture above is the wound 5 days later. Yes, 5 days.

So I've added another rule to the list of safety rules for handgun use. Sure, I'll remember a gun is always loaded, and I'll remember to never point a gun at anything/anyone I'm not intending to shoot, and I'll remember to always know what's behind my target, but now I'll also always remember to shoot the little guns while wearing turtle-neck sweaters!



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  1. Thank you so much for your comment. Its so nice to see that someone gets what I was saying. I always know that everything will be ok and that Master loves, needs, and wants me... but sometimes I need to feel it and not just know it.

    I also think you hit the nail on the head when you said that sometimes the Master doesn't think like that. Sometimes it seems to me that just knowing is ok for Him and feeling it isn't necessarily important. Unless maybe he just feels it and I don't.... but I had better stop this before I start rambling!