Monday, November 17, 2008

Viva la Vida

So I've been listening to Coldplay alot lately. I've always loved a good jam band - one with whom you can let your mind go and just get lost floating along in the music. The album Viva la Vida is pretty awesome in that regard.

Even though this music is great for getting swept up in, I do sometimes want to know the words and even sing along. The song "Violet Hill" caught my attention when I noticed the phrase: "carnival of idiots."

And there's just something about saying that phrase - it's so descriptive and evokes such a visual image. Of course we all often have to deal with situations where we feel surrounded by just such a group. And I'm sure that frequently I am part of that same group! Such is life. Sometimes we're the windshield, sometimes we're the bug and sometimes we're part of the carnival of idiots, sometimes we're the innocent spectator trying to lie low!

Just a great descriptive turn of speech - no big deal - but I do appreciate the creativity.

Yes, sometimes it's the little things.


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