Saturday, November 22, 2008


Lots of discussion over the years among friends and acquaintances in the Lifestyle Community about "Pervertables". Specifically those things which have a purpose in the realm of "normal" daily life, and which sadistic and masochistic types are able to adapt for our own pleasurable uses.

It's fun to walk through stores looking at everyday items and thinking about what fun can be had with some of the items. Hardware stores are wonderful places for such fun. I've nearly swooned in joy and anticipation at a Home Depot in front of the rope and chain display. *blush*

There was also the time Sir and I were grocery shopping, and He paused in front of the light bulb display. I was confused at first since we didn't need any light bulbs at the time. Until I realized He was looking for different types and varieties of bulbs for use in O/our Violet Wand. I nearly melted into sub-space on the spot!

Housewares and kitchen supply stores are awesome too - all those spatulas and wooden spoons, and lots and lots of other fun things. W/we've enjoyed duct tape displays at an arts and crafts store too - they had a lot of very pretty colors of duct tape not seen in other stores.

Today, however, W/we were at Cabela's, enjoying the knives, oars, and paddles, camping and fishing gear, the plentiful rope displays, and the lovely heart-shaped caribiners. Then W/we walked by something that stopped me dead in my tracks. The name made me giggle, but when I learned what the tool was really for and what it would do, I realized it was absolutely not, NOT, a good candidate for any pervertable purpose. It's called a "Butt-Out" and there is nothing funny about the tool in my mind. Hard limit for sure.

But still, the name was funny to see at first, given my pre-disposition to see the fun side of run-of-the-mill stuff.

W/we had a great time at Cabela's today.


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