Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So lately I've been not quite myself. I've been that bitchy-teary-eyed-stressed out-moody-monster from hell that is exhausting to cope with. For those around me, and for me too. I intensely dislike this person.

I've been trying to figure out what's causing it all, so I can overcome and get back to being me. It seems there are far more stresses and frustrations at work than I normally have to deal with. And there are some issues relating to Son and his future plans (which are rapidly approaching, and are the beginning of the end of him living with me.) And there are things to do with Mom, and her unhappiness, and my lack of control and input and ability to affect any change. In a very real way I have lost my mom.

And I hope that finally identifying what is causing my upset will help me find acceptance and peace and tranquility.

One huge help today came in the form of an email from Master. I had written to Him that,

"I am absolutely feeling very fragile and on the verge of tears, the stress must be really getting to me."

And He replied,

"Oh sweetie!
Do you need me to come over and kick some ass?

I’m all out of bubblegum!



How awesome to have someone so in my corner and on my side. I was completely clueless about the bubblegum, but thought He was terrific to volunteer to get my staff into shape.

But I did ask about the bubblegum. It seems that it's a line from the movie, "They Live" which had the following line,

"I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass...and I'm all out of bubblegum."

All I'll say is that every little girl deserves to be protected and fought for that way, and I'm very grateful.

Here's hoping I regain my equilibrium and inner peace real soon!



  1. I'm glad you have him looking out for you beautiful...and I hope you find that equilibrium and peace too.

    Such a lot going on for you right now. I know how it feels to feel like this, to feel completely overwhelmed by everything going on around us. In my experience, a bit of ass kicking mixed in with some love and hugs works wonders.

    love and hugs xxx

    ps...want me to ship over some bubblegum?!

  2. That's so wonderful that he's so quick to defend. It must make you feel fantastic! Its good to hear from you again, even if the circumstances are less than ideal =)

  3. How wonderful that in the middle of it all, you also have him to support you.

    Here's a virtual hug, hoping to lend some lovin's from afar.


  4. Big hugs Tapestry.

    I think now that you have identified what causing you this turmoil, you will be able to handle it so much better. I glad that he's there for you.


  5. You're all right - it IS wonderful to have Him to lean on!

    Huge hugs to each of you amazing ladies!