Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes Pat, I'd Like To Buy A Vow

This is a solicitation. ;)

I'm looking for inspiration and advice and ideas and suggestions and basically, your help. Yes, YOU!

So ok, you already know W/we're getting married. And I may have mentioned O/our plans for a very tiny, small, little, minor, casual event. So W/we decided on the barest of minimum guest lists, (which includes son and his girlfriend, O/our 1 remaining parent, siblings and their families, and O/our 4 closest friends. A lovely restaurant that's a favorite spot, and an officiant that is a childhood friend of mine.

Here's where you come in. Having a bit of trouble over the vows. Do not want traditional religious ceremony vows. Not the appropriate setting to go full-on BDSM style vows, so where to find examples of ceremonies and vows which would fit and still represent U/us?

I'm just drawing a mental blank about the ceremony wording itself, and O/our vows. Writing O/our own would be fine, but I need to see some samples and examples to get me started. Who better to ask than all of you? Some of the most creative people I've ever known, talented writers, great thinkers, wise individuals one and all!






  1. Tapestry,

    I love the idea of writing your own vows.

    Try these samples, sorry not actually sure how to link them so you will have to copy and paste, may give you some ideas.


  2. Kahlil Gibran, a poet, has a gorgeous passage in "The Prophet" about love.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I KNEW you guys would have wisdom for me!!

    And geez Louise "The Prophet" is one of the most beloved books I've ever read. I even shared a passage from the book when we buried my Dad. Why didn't I think of that???

    The links are terrific, there are some great examples, including the humor ones. I don't know which way He will want us to go, but there's something very alluring about the Dr Seuss inspired vows. :)

    I appreciate the time you both took to respond and help me on this path. hugggggggggg

  4. I was so excited to see you commenting again! I've missed you! I hope your wedding is perfect honey!

  5. Looks like Blogger ate the comment I left here for you sweety...which was just to say I've emailed some stuff to you.

    love and hugs xxx

  6. Thank you!!
    I got your email, and W/we've been exploring the links.
    I'll respond to the rest of your email soon.