Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I know I'm not very hip when it takes me years to catch on to something everyone else seems to know about.  Man, I got to get out more, or read more current events stuff.  idk - something.

Nah, I'm not worried, I'm as hip as I need to be, and having never been into the marijuana scene, I can see why I'd be clueless about 420.  It just isn't relevant in my world.

Then again, what if, let's just say, hypothetically, the government would consider legalizing the use of the stuff.  Wouldn't that impact my world?  Not because I'd start using, I seriously doubt I would, but because I think there are positive benefits to be reaped from such a course of action.

Let's start with money.  Usually I end with that, because I do believe that everything boils down to money in the end.  But we'll start with it here, because really, it runs throughout every part of this.

If it's legal - then legitimate businesses can sell it - making money - and reaping sales tax income.  That's good.  Since it's no longer illegal to grow, buy, sell, use, then we won't have to pay the armies of people who are engaged in catching and convicting the people who are engaged in growing, buying, selling, and using.  That's good too.  And then of course, courthouses, judges, lawyers, etc, will not have their time taken up with these cases, (don't forget all the clerks and aids etc) and that will save money.  That's also good.

So, I don't pretend to have all the answers, and I'm sure there are negatives here too.  But do they outweigh the positives?  Let's take one example - that people will use the stuff without obtaining the official permissions (through a Dr).  In other words, they will use illegally.  OK - ya got me - but isn't that what they're doing now anyway?  Why yes it is.  People who want to use are going to use.  Little things like laws won't stop them.  Why not let the public coffers benefit from legalized sales for legitimate purposes?

Young people will have access to the stuff.  Again, probably not any greater access than they already enjoy anyway.  It's the same reason people tried to outlaw alcohol.  Doesn't matter, if the child wants to try it, there are ways to do so.  Only naive people think you can stop someone from doing something they want to do by making a law that says it's illegal.

Just look at illegally obtained and used handguns.  There are plenty of laws regulating how they can be sold (and to whom) and regulating the carrying of the guns in public (concealed and open carry) but that doesn't stop the criminals who want a gun from getting one and using it how they choose to use it.  These folks are all aware of the laws that say they can't have the gun, or use it in the commission of a crime.  The laws don't stop them.

So back to the 420 thing - there is no one who labors under the illusion that it's legal to be involved with the stuff (except in those forward-thinking places which have already legalized the process) yet people everywhere do still grow, buy, sell, and use.  Let it go.  Make it legal, collect the revenue, and turn your attention to more important matters.

This, my opinion, brought to you by me, someone who has never used, never bought, never sold, and never grown.  And never anything else associated with the industry.  I just know that keeping it illegal will not prevent the things it is supposed to prevent, and legalizing it will not turn everyone we know into a pothead.

But at least I know what 420 means now. :)



  1. Thanks for this thoughtful post. I still don't know what 420 signifies but I'm happy in that ignorance.

    People are too fond of making laws. The members of congress and senators are even called lawmakers so I suppose they feel they have to make them. It gives them the pleasant illusion of exercising control, too

    There's no lack of laws where I live (they make the laws in the fond hope that by this aping of more "civilised" countries better law and order will result) but fortunately the inhabitants are sensible enough to ignore them most of the time, making living easier in some respects.

  2. Google is my friend, Wikipedia is mostly accurate, and the Huffington Post (dot com) gave me a more in-depth analysis of where the term came from than I even wanted. :)

    And yes, I think you're right, people want the illusion of control in their lives.