Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ups and Downs

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug.

True that.  Although we are often taught that the difference is really about our attitude and perception of the situation and not the actual circumstance.

Not sure that's entirely true.  I do agree that the way we react to and respond to circumstances can make a big difference in how the situation goes forward.  Or at least, how we feel about the way the situation progresses.  But sometimes facts are facts.  Mom fell, was admitted to hospital, left there for a nursing home, and is now, finally, almost 2 months later, returning home.  This is a positive and good development, a happy thing.  Definitely a windshield moment, after having been a bug moment when this all started.

I suspect that many of life's bug moments can turn into, eventually, windshield events, in time.  In fact, I think I'll just claim that little gem.  Good can and will result from bad.  It must, I insist, I need it to be true.

Earlier this week a young man from the church I used to attend, and am still a member of, and still have ties to, died.  This young man is the same age as my son, is an only child, like my son, and was returning home from college.  Such a tragedy.  Beyond bug.  And windshield simply must come of it.  I don't know how or when or why, but I must believe that at the end of the day, the Universe will help us to bring good out of that dreadful event.

Today, a woman who was a second mother to me all my life, lies dying, with hospice caring for her needs.  She isn't ill exactly, she is simply so very old (more than 90) and her body and organs are just worn out.  They aren't working properly, not due to illness or injury, but just because the parts are old.  And were she considerably younger, the repair people would be replacing and fixing.  But with her advanced age, they can't.  She told them last night to stop trying to make her better and let her go.  So home she went, with hospice, to live into her next life.  I like that.  She isn't dying to this life, she is living into her next one.  She's not waiting to be the bug, she has chosen to be the windshield all the way through to eternity.  What an inspiration.  She leaves such a tremendous legacy.

Sometimes, when we're having a bug moment, we are hurt and we cry.  I think it's natural for our emotions to be expressed.  It's more than natural, it's healthy and necessary to express our feelings.  Not so helpful to keep them inside.  And I also think windshield moments can result in tears too.  The tears and fears and hurt seem to mostly come from dealing with the changes, sometimes sudden, that are part and parcel of these bug and windshield moments.  Throughout all of them, we can celebrate life, and know that life really is good, even when it hurts.

Bug or windshield, doesn't really matter, it all comes out in the end.

There's another saying like that one - Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger, sometimes you're the ball.  mmmm...that's a yummy thought...I like being the ball.  :)



  1. First of all, for the losses and changes and challenges of these days, I send you gentle hugs and warm, comforting thoughts.

    Your bug and windshield dichotomy makes me smile. I have surely had my share of bug moments, especially lately... I am not entirely sure, though, that reality is actually divided so clearly. Is the leaf that falls from the tree other than the branch that releases it -- or the ground that embraces it? Is the ocean wave really apart from the depths that give it birth or the sands upon which it runs itself out? The beginnings, the middles, and the ends of our stories are frameworks that we use to help keep ourselves oriented to the physical realm, but I imagine they are not our ultimate truth. Our now and our forever are, I imagine, one and the same -- except that we can't see that from where we stand in the moment.

    hugs, swan

  2. Thank you Swan. The human connection and knowledge that others care, that we matter, does make it easier to navigate the waters of change.

    The DailyOM for today had this theme: "If we can locate the stillness at the center of our hearts, we can find composure in almost any situation."

    I tend to think that if I can locate that stillness, it would become easier to see the ultimate truth you describe.


  3. Hello beautiful :)

    As you know, I'm a great fan of DailyOM and also read that post. I think its true that if we can connect somehow to that inner peace we are able to deal better with whatever life throws at us.

    For the days we're unable to do that, friends we can turn to make things just a little easier.

    lots of love and a big hug xxx

  4. You're so right - friends do make things easier to bear.

    I don't know about you, but I often find that the topic of the DailyOM isn't new to me, I just need the reminder/refresher. And on top of that, frequently (not always) the topic is very appropriate to what I'm living at the moment.

    I love serendipity.