Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quick Change Artist

Just a short time ago - on the 25th of April to be exact - I was working in the yard with the neighborhood teen who cuts our grass.  He was handling some major vine and weed removal for U/us.  The trees along the back edge of the property were still just sticks of brown and gray rising to the sky, the quarry behind them visible as it is all winter.  It's not crystal clear since it's quite a ways back, but still somewhat visible.

A few days later, this past Saturday - on the 30th of April to be exact - I went to the back door to let the dog out into the yard, glanced to the back of the yard (where the sun rises) and realized that W/we had privacy.  Suddenly we were returned to O/our summer time curtain of lush greenery.  No sign of the quarry.

I'm sure it was gradual, but it seemed sudden.  Perhaps I need my glasses prescription strengthened, perhaps I shall just enjoy the beauty of nature.  The seasons and changes are at once both predictable and anticipated, while also managing to be a source of wonder and surprise.  OK - maybe not surprise, but I'm still always in a state of marvel when the first perennials of Spring pop up out of the ground, or the leaves turn to flaming reds and golds in the Fall.  This could be me being naive - I mean duh!  - the seasons change every few months here where I live.  But maybe it's me taking delight in the natural world.  Or maybe it's just that I get caught up in the busyness of life that I don't notice the beauty of the natural world day in and day out.  So it takes an event like this to make me stop and pause and appreciate.

It's probably a combination of all of those maybes.  After all, I'm nothing if not complex.  So I think I shall just be grateful for the seasonal wake-up calls.  Those blooms and buds and bursts of color and snow and light that allow me the chance to get a little more in tune with the natural order of things.  That's the stuff that helps me realize that trials and tribulations are fleeting and not terribly significant, even when they seem as if they are.  It helps to be reminded that the problem of the day really will "never be seen from a galloping horse", to quote my grandmother, (and where she got that from I surely don't know.)



  1. Lovely. How much we might all gain from a closer sense of the rhythms that are naturally a part of the way life moves from day to day across the year.


  2. After reading Elle's entry for today, I'm thinking that paying more attention to the natural world will help me keep my head out of my own "butt" too.

    Interesting how these things blend into one another, and the message that the universe is trying to send me keeps being presented to me in a variety of ways and through various mediums until I finally get it.

    Coolio. :)