Sunday, April 20, 2008

Insomniac Rocks!

Spyro the Dragon (1, 2, & 3 - as made for the Playstation) are among the very best video games ever made! I say this partly because I love playing them, and have for years, and because my son, the almost 17 year old "professional gamer", even considers the Spyro games to be serious gaming. He has a profound disdain for "casual gamers" - and the "casual" games they play. I won't go into which games he considers casual, but basically they seem to be the kind which don't require skill or strategy or critical thinking.
Anyway, since Spyro is appropriate for children to play, I gave these games to him when he was younger, and he played them, as did I.
Fast-forward, he has moved on to PC gaming, XBox 360 gaming, occassional Wii gaming, and suffice it to say he has sold off or lost almost everything else. He recalled how much I enjoyed playing the Spyro games, and so found a set of used games on Ebay and bought them for me for my birthday. :)
And yes, I STILL love to play Spyro the Dragon! But mostly I really like sitting with him and playing these games while chatting with him. The teenage years are never easy, but the difficult moments are actually dissipating, so talking with him is more and more pleasant. I'm truly blessed, and have always known that. He's an amazing person, and I love the thought he put into my birthday gift!


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