Wednesday, April 23, 2008


7.5 years ago my girlfriend and I took our sons on a day trip to New York City. We drove to Jersey on an August morning and took the Staten Island Ferry into the city. I snapped plenty of pictures of the boys and the Statue of Liberty and the Manhatten skyline on the trip over and back.

This is before I had a digital camera, so I dropped the 35mm film off to be developed after our trip, and picked the photos up on September 10.

That was in 2001, and the very next day after picking up the photos the twin towers were no longer standing.

Of course, there was a lot of tragedy that day, and the actual missing towers is the least of it when compared with the death and destruction of peoples' lives. Nonetheless, the photos I have of the skyline with those 2 towers is special to me, and something I treasure both for the fact that this look and shape of the Manhatten skyline no longer exists, and for the remembrance of all that this nation endured that day, and in the years since. These photos help me to remember, and help me honor the many who perished.

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