Sunday, April 13, 2008


So for the third year in a row W/we celebrated my birthday at "The Melting Pot" restaurant. I know, I know, it's tough, but I'm a very good submissive, and a very obedient little girl, so I go along with it and humor Master.

I'm thinking it's a tradition...ain't tradition great? :)

This year was a little different than the past 2 though, O/our son joined us for dinner. It seems he now feels that he should have joined us in the past to help celebrate my birthday, you know, making that sacrifice to do the "good son" thing. He would put up with the food, just to make me happy. Wow - what a great kid - so considerate of others. ;) He even willingly ate the salad, (he gives me a very hard time at home, insisting that salad and other vegetables will kill him.) When he uttered the words "this is good," after taking a bite of his salad, I wasn't sure who was more amazed - Sir or me! Perhaps one of the nicest things about my birthday this year is the simple joy of spending time with my son, and being able to enjoy his company without the struggle and angst that the teenage years have been frought with so far. He actually gave me a HUG a little while ago after I opened my gifts.

Thank you Sir, for a delicious and delightful dinner, and an all-around wonderful birthday!

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