Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Is Sprung :)

Yes, that's O/our front flower bed - the one that's been overgrown and neglected for at least a year! We spent the weekend working on this, as well as the lawn - laying down soil, spreading seed, raking, watering - you know the drill. And the other side of the house where the shrubs were becoming overgrown got a nice trim, and the deadly rose bush and some other dead shrub were removed, as well as the trellis (well ok - the trellis isn't completely gone yet, but almost!)

Let's see - lots of dirt, even more mulch, plenty of grass seed, some weed 'n feed, fertilizer, assorted other items - idk - about $200?

But - the sight of a nicely turned, planted, cared-for yard - Priceless!



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