Monday, January 21, 2008

Delicious Day!

Not much to eat really, although all very tasty, it's just been a lovely day spent with Master. We enjoyed a day off work together, slept late, and then caught up on errands. Very mundane, lol. There isn't any glamour associated with shopping for Vitamin water and Cascade, Alpo, and Charmin! And yet, doing these things together is such a treat for me :)

We also made the time to visit a new gun shop in our area. It looks to be a favorite for us now that we've been there and spent some time getting to know the owners. The store is called

The Gun Connection

11433 Pulaski Highway, Unit 3

White Marsh, MD 21162


Master has a few more guns He wishes to add to His collection. I was pleased to discover that they are willing and able to apply their gunsmithing abilities to make my own handgun pink if I should so decide. How cool is that? Imagine if you will, an intruder breaks into my home, and sees li'l ole me with my pretty li'l pink toy pointed at him and chuckles to himself. When he wakes up in the hospital and discovers he has no testicles, is under arrest, and lucky to be alive, he'll learn that just because it's pink doesn't mean it's fake. *grin*


So far, a lovely day, in every way, with the single exception that our son is down and out with a head cold. He'll be fine after the virus has run it's course, but it's still a bitch in the meantime!

Time for dinner, Master is grilling steaks, I'll put the rest of dinner together, and then if we feel like it, we may go target practice at the shooting range, and drop off one of the cars for service at our favorite shop, Thompson Chrysler in Edgewood on Rt 40. The folks that take care of our vehicles there are so careful about details when it comes to the cars and us, we always know we're safe and well cared for!

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