Tuesday, January 8, 2008


For Christmas I researched home foot spas, and after many days of careful evaluation decided on the best home spa for me, and added it to my wish list. I must have been a very good little girl because I did receive many of the items on my wish list, including the spa.

The other day, I was privileged to be able to offer Master a home pedicure. I massaged His feet with the help of some foot care products for exfoliating, smoothing, and soothing, followed by a wonderful soak in the nice warm water with the bubbles jetting around and the accupressure points in all the right places, a nice rinse, and after I dried his feet a lovely moisturizer.

I haven't actually made the time to use the spa for myself yet, but one of the main reasons for wanting the spa was for what it would allow me to do for Master. I do intend to use it and enjoy it for myself, but I'm certain I actually gain more pleasure from using it to bring Him pleasure.

Talk about the perfect gift!

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