Sunday, January 11, 2009

Childlike Wonder?

We all have things about us that are unique. Sometimes charmingly unique, sometimes perhaps not so charming, lol. I know I have some habits which are annoying to others, and I also have qualities which endear me to others. The road to enlightenment is a complex mix of figuring out how to live our own best lives while passing as little negative energy to others as possible.

That said, I’ve been pondering a couple of entries I want to make, and wondering how best to express those thoughts. The first has to do with my childlike joy (even ecstasy) at driving on a newly built road. No, I have not flipped my lid, I have always enjoyed driving on new roads, and have recently come to understand that perhaps I like to do so a little more than other (I refuse to use the word "normal") people do. And once I realized that truth I needed to understand why.

So I start with figuring out what I love about the drive. Hmmm…easier said than done. I love the sense of adventure (perhaps I don’t get out enough) of exploring something new. I love the textural feel of the new smooth pavement beneath the tires of the car. I love the feeling that I have a better route to get to my destination. I love the idea of newer, bigger, better, progress, and change.

Wait – who in the world loves the idea of change? I guess I do. I do love to look for the possible, never just sitting still on the status quo, always wanting to be better and easier. (Just ask my employees, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the operation.)

A new road seems to appeal to me on many levels – visually I have something new to look at, and my brain works on putting the landscape together and understanding the “jigsaw puzzle” which a new road presents to me. My sense of touch and feel gets the thrill of the new smooth pavement (wow that is a big one!) My sense of smell and taste? Hard to say, those 2 might not enter in here. Hearing? The super-uber-quiet of the new pavement, any new sounds which might come to me or be associated with the new road or the route.

Anyway, I tend to think it’s the adventure more than anything else which attracts me. When the highway near my home was torn up in order to make way for improvements to the road, I began waiting with great anticipation the day it would be finished. I think I still have quite some time till that happens, but along the way small sections of road are completed and opened to drivers. Bridge overpasses which are enlarged and improved open and I want to be the first car to travel the length! Newly constructed exit ramps draw me with a powerful force, demanding that I drive the route even when it takes me out of my way! And the other day when I traveled a section of highway which is completely new, driving right next to the old section, I was positively giddy with glee.

So maybe this is not fully understandable nor fully explainable. Perhaps this is just one of those things about me which I can and do control (in case you were worried) but which also brings an element of fun in life to me. I think I’ll stop here, even though I’m sure there’s more to think about. Maybe it’s just meant to be enjoyed.



  1. This posting made me both think and smile.....was she just talking about driving, or is this a metaphor for how she approaches life?? Maybe a little of both.

    Very occasionally, one a bright clear day, when the mood inside me is one of needing wide open spaces, I'll get in my car and take off. No real destination in mind, just drive and see where I end up. That's sometimes been fast drives on fast roads, quiet meanders down country lanes, or a mix of both....magical mystery tours.

    For some reason, I have this image of you driving a down, wind blowing in your hair...smiles. Nice picture.

    love and hugs xxx

  2. i get it!! i get it!!

    But for me it's on the back of the bike...i LOVE to ride on new blacktop and just feel the smoothness flowing under the i was reading this post i could feel the wind and the sun on my face...i can't wait for the snow to go away!

    Thanks for the wonderful ride!


  3. M:e - wow you are a wise one! I had really only been writing about the whole new road thing, because it's been an issue for Master to deal with lately as the highway is being built. I do suspect that I try His patience mightily with my begging to ride the new road, lol.

    But now that you mention it and I reread what I wrote, I guess I do embrace the adventure of new things, and renovated/improved things. And I love to try out the things I've changed and adjusted to see if they are better.

    W/we did have a convertible a few years ago which Sir sold in order to get a larger car. One year, as W/we left the restaurant where W/we celebrated my birthday I was treated to one of those meandering drives on back country roads with the top down. I'm a lucky girl!

    I love that you always seem to "get" me!


  4. ~nik - that's it exactly - the pull of the new, quiet, and smooth road.
    How cool!

  5. Hi Tapestry:
    A very interesting post. I think for me the nicest part about driving on a new road is that it feels very soft. And there is some comfort there for me. It's interesting that you are writing about this subject because for the past few years I have really not been enjoying being in the car at all. It's a bit easier if I am driving but i really have a hard time when someone else is driving.
    I have been trying to think about what this fear and discomfort means, but haven't been able to come up with anything as yet. So it gives me hope to see other people write about the comforts of driving, metaphorically or not!
    Take care,
    Anrades Girl

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