Monday, January 26, 2009

For Andrades Girl

AG - you have mentioned my profile picture several times so I wanted to share this one with you too.

I adore my profile pic - and to be perfectly honest, it was actually Master who requested that I use it on the blog profile. Of course I've always loved the image, but I'm even more thrilled that Daddy likes it too.

The one here speaks to me as well - of the innocence of the little girls, and the joy in something so simple and silly. And even more so, it speaks to me that they are safe and at liberty to concentrate on the frivolity because there is someone there to protect and guard them, allowing them to be free and innocent.

So, AG and all my submissive friends, please come join me. Let the air blow around and up our sundresses. Let the joy of living right now, in this moment, in this day be all that we need. Let's release the problems and worries that can so easily consume our grown-up selves, and let our Sirs and Daddies, and Masters carry that load for awhile.

It's time to fill our buckets with sand and build castles and dance and play ring-around-the-rosy and duck-duck-goose and hopscotch, and jacks.

Join me ladies, won't you? Our Sirs will watch over us.



  1. What a lovely image. I remember playing jacks.....such an innocent time...kinda....much more so than now. I might have to go buy some.

  2. Want to know a secret Barbie? I still have my jacks! :)

    Too bad you're way out in Colorado - if we were closer geographically we could play together.

    I was pretty darn good at jacks once upon a time.

  3. Hi Tapestry:
    You have no idea how grateful I am for that picture and your post.
    Ah yes the innocence of little girls., that is a beautiful thing. I spent part of my weekend with my 10 year old GD and she is still very innocent, for a 10 yr old girl. It is such a joy to be with her.
    She went back home yesterday afternoon....and my blues are back.
    I've been very down..trying to focus and and write has been hard for me this week.
    I was thinking about writing a post about it, but here you are...inviting us to be innocent again...and I have tears in my eyes. Tapestry...what were you posting about the other day?...keeping your focus on the good. This picture sure is good.

  4. Awww AG - I don't know what made me finally share this pix today, I consider it serendipity. The universe has a way of providing for us and this was obviously just what you needed today.

    I'm grateful to whatever universal forces led me to follow through on this post which has been in the back of my mind for awhile now.

    Hang in there.

  5. I can remember thinking when I first saw your profile picture that it reminded me of that element of submission which is all about letting your inner child surface and knowing the one you're with will take you by the hand and keep you safe.

    Now you've posted almost exactly that....that we get to be explore....and no no harm will come to us on their watch....which is exactly how it should be.

    And that fits in very well with the picture I had in my head the other day!!

    love and hugs xxx

  6. And guess what M:e? It was your mention of the beach and how my bucket image was speaking to you that prompted me to put the sand castles into the post.

    In truth - we've all written this post together, with our words and comments to one another.

    How cool is that??

  7. Tapestry, stop by to say hello.

    I was just sitting here with a cup of tea reading your post and happy memories came flooding back you mentioning jacks and hopscotch, thank you.
    What a lovely picture to share Tapestry. Ronnie


  8. Welcome Ronnie, I'm glad you stopped by, and I'm glad the image and the imagery spoke to you!