Saturday, January 3, 2009


So I spent the day today at the hospital with my mom. I wanted to take her yesterday, but she refused. Today she was worse, so I decided to be disobedient and take her against her wishes.

Interesting thought that. In acting as the dutiful and obedient daughter I most likely did not act in Mom's best interest yesterday, while in acting the disobedient and pushy daughter today I definitely did act in Mom's best interest.

She was admitted with severe cellulitis, which if caught early is not that hard to cure, and if not treated till later can be a real problem with terrible outcomes. I'm still hopeful that she got to the hospital in time.

But back to the interesting thought - at least interesting to me. When I truly do know what is best for Master, am I right to follow my own knowledge and do what is best even when He has other ideas? At what point is it OK to put His safety and well-being above His will? Mom had other ideas which did not include medical attention, but that could very well have resulted in losing her leg, and possibly her life. Must I obey Master, even unto His own detriment? Or did He in fact choose me to care for and protect Him, even when it does not coincide with His will?

I am certain there are as many differing opinions on this matter as there are readers, and ultimately I must always make up my own mind. But I am curious to know what other folks think. Submissive folks and Dominant folks alike.



  1. Hi Tapestry:
    A very very interesting post. I have thought about this many time before.And now that my husband and I have adopted a new lifestyle, and I am trying to be submissive to him, this becomes even more complex. My husband has had some very very serious health issues in the past, some of which we still address today, however I like to take a very healthy approach to his life. There are some things that he does that are not "health promoting" and now how do I handle this as a more submissive wife? I am still pondering this. So far I have approached my concerns with him more in a way that communicates my fears about his health, and he has listened more openly in this past week or so. But we are very new to this lifestyle. I am curious as to how you are handling these issues.
    Thanks for sharing
    Andrades Girl
    P.S. my word verification was mother!

  2. My role is to serve my Master. I think about his lifestyle choices but he knows as well as I how to take care of himself.

    I certainly speak up when I have concerns that maybe his health requires attention, but then obviously it's up to him to seek help or not so I don't badger.

    In short, with Master, I would not be "disobedient" and try to "make" him do anything. Not that that would even work if I did, lol.

    I think it's much different with parents. I would be way pushier with my dad, given that he is in his mid-seventies and living alone. But my dad is not my Master.

    I do hope your mom is okay! Nice post Tapestry.

  3. One other thought is this: What would Master say to me if something detrimental happened to him as a result of my not pushing harder for him to seek medical attention?

    Would he be like, "Why didn't you push harder for me to go?" or, "Thank you for pushing me?" or, "You coudn't have made me go anyways, pet"

    Whichever way serves him best I guess.

    Good question.