Saturday, January 24, 2009

Easily Entertained!

Chloe posted an entry that was quite descriptive of limits and boundaries within her relationship. I related quite well to her words since I adamantly agree that I can only serve a Master with whom I am well-matched.

Anyway, at the beginning of her post Chloe talks about being easily fascinated by things, and she mentions little travel sewing kits. I had to laugh when I read this, as I am also easily fascinated by seemingly inane things. At least other people think I'm quite odd.

For example, I have a total fixation, perhaps an addiction to all things Post-It. Words actually fail me in trying to describe how wonderful I find these little things.

I also love office supplies in general. A lot.

And the little tiny jars and bottles of foods and toiletries which are typically identified as travel sizes. They are soo cute! Have you seen those little tiny bottles of ketchup that hotels give you on room service trays? They are just like the regular bottles only miniature!

Like my endless delight and fascination with new roads, these things give me feelings of pleasure and I have no idea why. Perhaps I'm weird, I don't know. But I do know I'm grateful that I can find joy in little insignificant things, because sometimes all we have are the little things!

Perhaps I'm just an intrinsically, naturally happy person. Perhaps I'm a psycho with weird fixations. Either way, I'm easily entertained and fascinated!



  1. I really ought to introduce you to Aniel....she loves office supplies too!

    love and hugs xxx

  2. *raises hand*

    I too, love office supplies. I love the smell of an office supply store.

    I swoon over tiny bottles of ketchup, and I could browse those travel-sized items for, well, at least half an hour.

    We must share some odd gene Tapestry, lol

  3. Being happy with the small things in life mirrors a conversation Constance and I had the other day.

    If you are only going to take joy from the major occasions in life then you will have a thin time of things.

    I don't get the office supplies thing, but let me loose in a hardware shop and I will spend hours looking at all the tools I don't need and would never use. But I want them!

    You never know when you might need a mig welder or an electric plane.

    Or a four foot spirit level come to that.

  4. Mr C I'm so glad to know I'm not alone with my little obsessions, lol.

    Let's hope we all have quite a thick time of things then - no pun intended, really just in response to what you wrote.

    And perhaps the hardware store fairy will slip a 4 foot spirit level under you pillow tonight. If so, I want to know if you ever do find a use for it.


  5. Tapestry,

    I have thought of a use for the spirit level already.

    I think it is important for a girl to have good posture don't you?

    An upright stance is so attractive.

    So all I have to do is wish really really hard and I'll get visited by a fairy in bed tonight?


  6. Dear Tapestry,

    As Mr. C. has said, I agree that delighting in small things (like a really good office supply store....I TOTALLY get that) is a blessing, because most days, small things are all you're going to get.

    As for you, Mr. C., my posture is fine, so no spirit level for you, but if I can just figure out what a meg welder is, well! That's my Christmas shopping done!

    As far as finding a fairy in your bed, he doesn't have your address, so fear not.


  7. Mr C, you will certainly only be visited by a fairy if you wish to be. I do have some concern over just what a hardware store fairy might look like - visions of the contractor and his crew who built the addition onto O/our home flit through my head. Images I do not really wish to entertain...*shudder*

    Constance - I'm soooo glad you're in on the office supply fetish! It does seem to be shaping up as a submissive thing...hmmm

    I was preparing to defend your posture but I see you've got that under control! (smart girl, I should have known you would.)