Tuesday, February 3, 2009

All Set

I've finished all the pre-op testing, all the registration stuff is complete with the hospital, and I'm all ready to go.

Just need to get the liquid diet (for the first 24 hours) in place, and then the gentle foods for the following week. (Guess no spicy or fatty stuff for me for awhile.)

Then I need to get the Advanced Directive stuff sorted out, not that it will be needed at all, of course, but you know how those hospital types are.

Final thing is to show my son where his grandmother's Dr appt is on Friday since I won't be able to take her. I really am glad he's driving now. Oh - and I think a bit of laundry since my favorite comfy nighty in in the dirty clothes hamper.

OK - so I guess I should have said almost all set, lol. But the hospital/Dr stuff is done, and just a couple things left to do around the house. And in approximately 41 more hours I will be free of this pain-inducing organ. Yes, I'm masochistic by nature, but I did not consent to the pain I've had recently. Never once has this pain helped me soar into sub-space!

I'm incredibly grateful for all the well-wishes and support. I know the universe responds to such positive energy, and I am made stronger knowing that energy is out there on my behalf. You all Rock!



  1. Hi Tapestry:
    It sounds as if you've got everything really well organized. That must give you some peace of mind.
    Gall bladder pain is so painful, and there is no emotional or connective quality about it at all. So I want you to know that I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, for a quick and easy surgery and recovery. (and you will be saying "As You Wish" for your Man very soon)
    Take care

  2. I second AG's comments entirely and I will be keeping you in my prayers also.
    Hugs, Jay

  3. Wishing you all the best. May your surgeon be skillful, wise, and compassionate. May you heal fully and well, and get back to living the life you choose just as soon as possible.

    hugs, swan

  4. You guys are the best! And you soooo cheer me up :)

    AG - being organized does help give me peace of mind, and makes life run more smoothly too. And you're so right - nothing connective about this pain, lol.

    Jay - I appreciate your thoughts and prayers immensely!

    Swan - Here you have your hands full preparing for major surgery in your own household and yet stopped by here to send positive energy for my minor little procedure. I'm honored and grateful.

    hugggggggs to you all - gentle ones since it hurts - but hugs none-the-less.

  5. Like I stated on my page...what are the chances of you having a successful surgery? 100%! You will do great....so relax and let the Dr's and nurses do their magic. Sending thoughts and prayers your way doll!

  6. Leaving the softest hugs cos I know its painful.... as the others have said, you'll be very much in our thoughts and prayers through to well the other side of 'S' Day. Going to sneak my 'snuggle blanket' into your hospital bag in case you need it.

    Love you sweety xxx

  7. Hi Tapestry,

    This is the first time I've been here, and I don't know about your specific pain, but my dear Dante had his gallbladder removed years ago and is so much better for it!

    The pain will pass like the breeze and you'll be back to your pouty self in no time. With so many wonderful people caring for you, how could it be any other way?

    Big, soft, gentle hugs,

  8. Barbie thanks! I know all will definitely be well, I appreciate the thoughts and prayers so much. And please know that you are in my heart as well. I know that what you're going through right now is part of the path you must travel, and as much as I'd like to keep you from the pain I can't. The only way to healing lies further down this path. Hang in there and always know that you are loved.

  9. M:e, thank you so much for the snuggle blanket. I'm definitely taking it with me but I'll be sure to give it back when I'm better. You should have it soon because I know this will be a quick recovery. I am so very grateful for the good wishes!

  10. Tiggs, Welcome! I'm so glad you're here and you're a dear to offer reassurance to a stranger like me. I doubt we'll stay strangers for long though with such wonderful friends in common.
    From everyone I've spoken with who has had their gall bladder removed I hear the same thing - they all felt so much better quite rapidly.
    Less than 19 hours and I'll be on my way to joining that "club"!